Medway - release (disc one)

US Single Disc CD Edition, released June 7th, 2011
this is a commercial release.

Elaine loans Mr. Pitt's expensive tennis racket to an executive from Doubleday who hints there may be a job opening for Elaine soon. When the woman injures her arm, Elaine can't quite get the racket back. Jerry's girlfriend never smiles or laughs at his jokes but her roommate laughs at everything he says so he contemplates the switch. George comes up with an idea as to how he might get away with it. George's girlfriend, a model, eats like a horse but never puts on weight. Kramer suggests she might be bulimic. The gang learns Kramer's first name, thanks to his mom Babs. Written by garykmcd

Medway - Release (Disc One)Medway - Release (Disc One)Medway - Release (Disc One)Medway - Release (Disc One)